On the late December 2015 northern temperature anomalies

Below are some 2-day temperature anomaly (relative to 1981-2010 climate “normal”) maps I made using an observationally-constrained US product indicating peak “green Christmas” American warmth (+17 Celsius temperature anomaly) centered over looks like Kentucky 25-27 Dec.
Temperature_2015_361-363_anom_vs_1981-2010 +25C anomaly
Isotherms are each 2 C, odd numbers
27-29 (and 28-30) Dec was a +25 Celsius above normal north of the Kara Sea, Russian High Arctic, between island archipelagos of Franz Josef Land and Severnaya Zemlya.
Temperature_2015_361-363_anom_vs_1981-2010 +25C anomaly
The message of ‘north pole melting’ are irksome seeing how the warm anomaly is centered over northern Kara Sea and part of the Arctic Ocean, barely abutting 90 N latitude.
re: absolute temperatures, we have well above melting temperatures at Lonyearbyen Svalbard, but this is not the first time that has happened in winter.
Interesting but I’m not yet convinced the event is unprecedented as I have not done the temperature rankings. I’m on the road with not much spare time.